Why Electrify?

Why Electrify?

Both homes and businesses have good reasons to electrify.

Homes largely electrify for six reasons:

Businesses largely electrify for these reasons:

Reasons To Electrify Your Home

How To Lower Energy Costs

Ensure Power During Blackouts

In California blackouts have become increasingly common.  Traditionally people would install a gas powered backup generator, but battery storage can be a better option.

Fight Global Warming, Air Pollution, and Reduce Reliance on Foreign Oil

Fighting climate change, air pollution, and reducing foreign oil usage might not reduce your home energy costs, and may even increase them. However, many people feel this is our collective responsibility.   Here are some reasons to electrify.

Government Mandates Affecting Homes

Existing homes are largely exempt from mandates to electrify, but new homes and significant remodels may require changes.

Increase Resale Value

Homes are more attractive to owners of electric vehicles if they have EV charging stations.

Reasons To Electrify Your Business

Lower Energy Costs

Solar Technologies provides a good evaluation for commercial solar ROI, Payback, IRR, and NPV

Attract Tenants

Some office building tenants may want electric vehicle charging for their employees.

Attract Customers

An interesting side-effect of longer electric vehicle charging times, is that stores, restaurants, hotels, and malls may provide chargers to attract shoppers that want to charge up their electric vehicles while they are parked.

Government Mandates Affecting Businesses

At the federal and state level, a number of laws require conversion to renewables.

Ensure Continuity of Operations

While rolling blackouts or temporary grid failures can be an inconvenience to residential customers, companies that will rely on electric vehicle fleets such as delivery and mass transit cannot afford to lose one or more days of business.  A combination of local power generation such as solar, combined with storage can allow a business to operate during grid failures.

Corporate Image: Fighting Global Warming, Air Pollution, and Reliance on Foreign Oil

Demonstrating a "green" and environmentally responsible business practice can affect public image and positively impact consumption of products and services - however, any strategy must be balanced with the costs of implementation.

Understanding the public's concerns about global warming, air pollution, and reliance on foreign oil can inform a corporate green strategy.